We can help you improve operations, create alignment, and empower your nonprofit to fulfill its mission.

Loving Venti is a consulting firm, specifically equipped to strengthen small-to-medium sized nonprofits to meet the needs of their community.

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There’s a lot of nonprofits doing the good work of alleviating injustice and suffering in this world. Nonprofits create lasting impact by developing people, passions, and programs to bring purpose and hope from broken experiences.

We know that very few nonprofits have time, money, or energy to complete a full strategic plan at one time. In fact, our world changes so quickly that many five-year strategic plans are often irrelevant by year two. Our model breaks up a traditional plan into affordable and practical pieces called modules. By focusing on one or two modules annually, we can assist your organization to grow your impact one step at a time.

We believe small-to-medium sized nonprofits are uniquely positioned to create long-lasting impact with relatively few dollars. While there is a substantial market for nonprofit resources, very few are specifically designed for nonprofits under $500,000. 

If that’s your organization, we’re here for you.

We break up the strategic planning process into affordable modules, to maximize your organization’s impact and money.

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