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Jamie Santana

The Story of a Baby Grant Writer

I remember that chilly November day in 1994 when I went with my mom to the DMV to get my driver’s license. At the age of 16, I can remember how terrified I was that I wouldn’t pass the dreaded

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Kellie Knapp

“Hit By A Bus” Administration Planning

A nonprofit had their only office administrator suddenly resign. Then, the dreaded “hit by the bus” scenario played out in real-time. Were Are? bills due? Are grants due? When was the last batch of thank-yous sent? Is payroll automatic? When

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Bobby Pantuso


Recombobulating in 2021 after Discombobulating in 2020 Recombobulation. I really love that word – in fact, it might be my favorite word. If you don’t know the meaning, perhaps the onomatopoeia helps – it means, “to put yourself back together.”

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Beautiful Cracks
Catherine (Draeger) Pederson

Beautiful Cracks

Welcome to Loving Venti’s blog where you’ll receive bi-weekly updates, reflections and tips. As many of you know, I love to connect with people over coffee (who doesn’t??), but what many people don’t know is that my inspiration for Loving

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