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We understand that a nonprofit in motion tends to stay in motion. If your nonprofit is already struggling to address the internal needs of funding, staff, IT, facilities, etc., how can you push the pause button and find alignment when there’s people out there who need help?

That’s why we’re here.

We’ve designed a process that breaks up the strategic planning process into affordable modules. Each module is crafted to address the particular needs of your organization to assist you in real time--and you can start at any time.

Focusing on ONE MODULE

at a Time Helps Nonprofits:

Grow their impact by improving operations and empowering people to fulfill its mission in Realistic Steps.

Each module establishes a timeline of 3-6 months and what you can expect from the end result.

We can coordinate a plan for working through each module on an annual or bi-annual basis, depending on the needs of your organization.

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Individuals are the greatest asset of any organization, and this is especially true for nonprofits. When your nonprofit draws from a community of people with shared vision and purpose, it empowers everyone.

Help for a Struggling Nonprofit

It’s hard to see and sometimes harder to admit when there are cracks in their nonprofit’s foundation. Nonprofits are made up of people and when those people struggle, the organization struggles. Perhaps your funding is at risk, or the executive director left suddenly, or your board is at odds. Whatever you’re facing, I will walk you through using experience and creative insights.

Volunteer Engagement Strategy

We know how important volunteers are to your organization’s mission-- not only for manpower, but also because volunteers can be your most ardent supporters and donors. Is your nonprofit prepared to welcome volunteers and orient them to your core mission? We will develop a strategy that helps you find smart and creative ways to onboard and retain volunteers, so that they can become your advocates, your donors and most importantly, your biggest supporters!

Board Engagement Strategy

Many nonprofits, especially Executive Directors, have a love/hate relationship with their boards. They love it when board members know wealthy people--they hate it when their boards demand more than is humanly possible. Do you want a healthy board/staff relationship with fully engaged members? We can help you develop a board engagement strategy that will help your organization and its board flourish.

Transformational Relationship Strategy

Do you have a high staff turnover? Do you struggle to engage volunteers? Do people come to your programs, but seem disconnected? If so, we can help you shift your staff, volunteers, and community members from transactional interactions to transformational relationships by building a transformational relationships strategy together.

Coaching Freshman Executives

There are a lot of executives doing their work with great passion but lack the experience in the day-to-day operations to keep their organization afloat. How can they learn on the job when time and resources are limited? I can walk with new nonprofit executives to be another set of eyes, an experienced troubleshooter, and a sounding board for ideas.

Conflict Resolution Coaching or Group Facilitation

How do you view conflict? Do you shrink back and avoid it or do you go into attack and defense mode? Do you see it as an opportunity to grow in understanding or something to be averted at all costs? What is your conflict resolution style?
At turn-key points in every organization, inviting a neutral third party to facilitate communication can prove vitally instrumental in the trajectory an organization takes towards health. We can help you walk through tough conversations, provide individual conflict coaching or equip groups with conflict resolution skills training. This decision may mean the difference between squandering valuable time, resources and relationships and successfully navigating a potentially negative situation. Conflict can be an opportunity for growth, positive change and understanding.


Purpose is the why behind your work. If your nonprofit is thriving, it has a collective sense of purpose and identity.  What does your organization do, whom does it serve, and how do the staff and volunteers see their roles fitting into the bigger picture? Loving Venti can help you discover (or re-discover) the why behind your work and create alignment within your organization.

Mission, Vision, and Values Alignment

Nonprofits are often started by passionate individuals who saw a need and worked feverishly to meet it. The next generation of leadership may host the same programs and operate out of the same building, but the heart may have waned. If you asked three different staff people what your mission is, you may be given three different answers. I’ll work with your team to align your mission, vision, and values. Once everyone is on the same page, it’s amazing to see how quickly people can embody the mission and move it forward.


Programs are the backbone of nonprofits: without them, nonprofits are simply social clubs. Many programs have been around longer than the staff who are delivering them, although several new programs do emerge every year. In either case, nonprofits should strive to create programs built on best-practices and continuity to serve your patrons.

Building Person-Centered Programs

Nonprofits will never have all the time, resources, staff, and facilities available to provide top-notch programs. Because those that we serve deserve the BEST that we have to offer, all nonprofits should be equipped with best-practice programming. Whether we serve patrons in a parking lot or in a marble-floored building, your services should be delivered with dignity in mind. Let’s work together to design an annual work plan, improve key practices, or design a new program from the ground up!

Screening Tool

In traditional planning models, nonprofits revisit their strategic plan every 3-5 years, which is not always practical or for small and medium size organizations. We will work with your board, staff, and volunteers to put together a filter to help you evaluate current programs as well as new opportunities. This process will help you decide what to let go, what opportunities you should pursue, and how to position yourself for the future.


Consider Times Square in New York City: the competitive advantage goes to the business who shines brightest among other lights. In the same way, it’s important to know how your nonprofit is positioned compared with those who do similar work. How is your nonprofit addressing the most pressing needs of your community–and how can your work be distinguished from other efforts? We’ll help your organization be the brightest light.

Market Position Strategy

Those of us in nonprofits love our work, but we sometimes forget our why--why are we needed? What niche do we fill? How are we different from the organization up the street? How do people find out about your work? Let’s work with your team to identify your position in the community.

Government Relations

Do you need to go before the city council to get their support? Have you ever wanted to reach out to your local or state officials, but you are not sure how to start? What we have found is that a few hours of preparation easies the tension and facilitates more connections to grow your mission.


Several years ago I was inundated with requests from people who had great ideas for starting a new non-profit, but had no idea where to begin. If you have a great idea, this module will help you learn about the community you want to impact and assess your own preparedness for the work ahead. This process is a good exercise for those of you who have been in this field for years and need space to rediscover your roots. (Get your FREE workbook by emailing info@LovingVenti.com)


Operations occupy much of a nonprofit manager’s time and energy. Your nonprofit needs a sound foundation that includes systems and processes for managing finances, board development, fundraising, collecting data, recruiting and supervising staff and volunteers, programming, and communication.

Useful Tools for Small-to-Medium Sized Nonprofits

There’s so many resources out there--which is wonderful--but it's hard to find what will be the most helpful for your organization. In this module, I’ll show how which resources have been most valuable in my own work and how to scale them for your organization. I’ll make recommendations that add value, are cost-effective, and are easy to use.


Regardless of your size, there are certain policies and procedures that should be in place for a nonprofit to meet their legal and ethical obligations. After assessing your needs, we can customize a plan to develop an employee handbook, financial policies, policy registers, emergency communications plans, and more.

Starting a Nonprofit in Wisconsin

Do you have a great idea to serve our community that you want to see come to life? Are you prepared to run a nonprofit as a business? We will walk your team through the process of beginning your own nonprofit, forming your first board, creating bylaws, walk you through the state and federal paperwork, and before you know it, you’ll be up and running in no time. (This is a perfect follow-up to the Roots module that assess your readiness.)


If you are not independently wealthy, you will need to fundraise to achieve your mission. While fundraising goals vary drastically, one thing is true for all nonprofits: potential donors will want to see evidence of progress before they give. I can help you create a robust strategy that will help you build a strong foundation for your fundraising goals.

Donor Analysis

Do you know who your donors and potential donors are and the best ways to reach them? I can help you identify and articulate your donor profile to help you discover the best ways to channel your resources in the right direction. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks!

Funding Strategy

It takes a lot of time and work to build a good strategy. I’ll help you step back to see the bigger picture by looking through years of records to find out what produced a good LOI (and what hasn’t). We’ll make sure your funding aligns with your mission and vision and plan out a year of funding strategies to meet your organization’s staffing and volunteer capabilities.

Social Media Strategy

With phrases like "it didn't happen unless it is Facebook official," many nonprofits aimlessly post content without much interaction or long term strategy. Work with us to choose which channels are a best fit for your organization and create a plan to engage your community.


Most nonprofits think (or their boards believe) that a quick way to raise funds is to put on a gala. For those of us who have suffered through the months of planning for an event, we know that often it does not produce the results everyone hoped for. While I am not an event planner, I can help you craft an event that fits your mission--an event where attendees leave with an invitation to be a part of your story.

Module Details

Our Modules are based on a sliding scale

  • $3,000 - $5,000 for nonprofits smaller than $100,000
  • $4,000 - $6,000 for nonprofits between $100,000 to $500,000
  • $5,000+ for nonprofits larger than $500,000 based on additional time and individuals involved

Accomplished in 3-6 months

Customized modules based on your needs!

Build a strategic plan module by module, year after year

"Thank you so much for your insights and willingness to talk through everything with me. You really helped me identify some critical areas to focus on and I feel so encouraged after our time.”

For The Price Of A Venti Coffee, One Of Our Team Members Will Meet You For A One-Hour Strategic Session​

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