Meet Kellie Knapp

Managing Director of Administration

Conscientious | Organization Enthusiast | Supportive | Detail-Oriented

Education And Experience

Kellie's Experience:

Kellie has served in many capacities in the nonprofit and private sectors, including providing administrative and operations support for private foundations. She has advanced the fundraising and development functions for international and national organizations, served as program officer for two state-wide foundations, overseen database creation and management, and provided bookkeeping support and financial oversight and analysis. 

Kellie's Education:

Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Ethnos360 Bible Institute (2000)


What inspired Kellie to work with nonprofits?

“I draw inspiration from Isaiah 58:6-7, a guiding force that fuels my commitment to serving communities in need. This dedication led me to join Loving Venti, where outstanding leadership, tangible results, and a palpable impact on communities made the organization stand out.”

Fun Facts about Kellie.

“I’m a proud Irish redhead who thinks Star Trek, Leprechauns, and Doughnuts should be celebrated! I’m madly in love with my German husband, Jason, who is a Pastor. After nearly 10 years as church planters among the Tobo people of Papua New Guinea, we’re now fully rooted in Southeastern Wisconsin and enjoying our family of seven incredible children with our first grandchild on the way!”

What led to Kellie Choosing Loving Venti?

“I didn’t hesitate to join Loving Venti, with its outstanding leadership, proven service results for partners, and perhaps most importantly the impact they have on nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve. I’m thrilled to be in a role where I can leverage my database and administrative skills to help Loving Venti as well as the partners we serve.” 

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