Meet Katie Morrow

Lead Content Writer

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Education and Experience

Katie's Experience:

Katie has worked in various roles in the nonprofit sector since 2008, when she started as a fundraising and special events intern. She has served as a Development Director, a Program Director, and many things in between. In these roles, she executed and oversaw a wide range of responsibilities including grant and technical writing, fundraising, program development and oversight, and prevention.

Katie's Education:

Master of Public Administration with a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Marquette University (2013)
Bachelor of Arts Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2011)


What inspired Katie to work with nonprofits?

 “I like the idea of purpose in my work. A nonprofit was used as a tool to radically change my life in my early twenties and from that moment on, I desired my life and my work to be meaningful and impactful. I wanted to give to others what had been given to me and I found that I was able to do that through working with nonprofits.”

Fun Facts about Katie.

“I love to bike, hike, walk, run, swim, or do anything that keeps me active. I enjoy crafty things—drawing, sewing, quilting, needlepoint, and counted cross stitch. My husband Kyle and I have three kids and we live in Hartford. My favorite book is ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.’ I read it once a year every January and am on my third copy. I’ve even named my kids and pets after characters in that book.”

What led to Katie Choosing Loving Venti?

“I love the idea of serving the community and helping others by using my skills and abilities to help local nonprofits fulfill their missions. I understand the challenges facing small nonprofits and having to wear multiple hats and perform multiple roles. It’s hard but it’s driven by a commitment to the mission. I’m so excited to be a part of Loving Venti and to help take that burden off of small nonprofits. I can think of many times in my career in the nonprofit sector where Love Venti would have been a useful service!”

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