Meet Genene Hibbler

Development Consultant

Servant Leader | Energetic | Creative | Resourceful

Education And Experience

Genene's Experience:

Genene has 30+ years of public service experience. She worked effectively and harmoniously with representatives of diverse religious institutions, governmental agencies, non-profit groups, emergency medical providers, hospital systems, and the public. Her vast experience enables her to draw upon leadership skills from both a Christian and a secular setting. As a trained mediator, she uses simple, insightful ways to equip people to interact more positively and to develop their personal communications to be a powerful influence in their everyday lives.

Genene's Education:

Undergraduate Studies in Healthcare Administration, Concordia University – Wisconsin (current)
Associate of Science in Police Science, Milwaukee Area Technical College
Certification: Level 4 Certified Emergency Manager, Wisconsin Emergency Management


What inspired Genene to work with nonprofits?

“Working for nonprofits allows me to work in close collaboration with people who share many of the same views and values as I do. I enjoy expanding both my personal and professional network in my service to charitable organizations. It also allows me to explore my passions, learn new skills, and make a difference in the lives of others.”

Fun Facts about Genene

“I enjoy serving the needs of those that are less fortunate than me. The most impactful trip I have taken was a Missions Trip to Uganda, Africa, where I participated in a service project to build homes for widows and orphans. I love meeting people and sharing life experiences!”

What led to Genene working with Loving Venti?

“I initially connected with Dr. Catherine Pederson and Loving Venti in my role as the founder of a nonprofit organization. After a few months of working with Loving Venti in that capacity, the opportunity presented itself for me to sit on the other side of that table and serve Loving Venti’s nonprofit partners. I’m thrilled to be part of the Loving Venti family!”

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