Meet Steven Flores

Grant Writer

Empathetic Listener | Design Thinker | Innovative Researcher | Storyteller

Education And Experience

Steven's Experience:

Steven has 10 years of professional writing and editing experience. He enjoys writing short stories and novels. His nonprofit experience includes working as a grants administrator for Humanities Iowa, an organization dedicated to bringing the humanities to life  by providing grants, building community partnerships, and creating programming that reaches 250,000+ Iowans each year. 

Steven's Education:

Ph.D. in English-Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Current)
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014)
Master of Arts in Humanities, The University of Chicago (2010)
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English, University of Iowa (2008)


What inspired Steven to work with nonprofits?

“Nonprofits are doing the vital work that no one else has the dedication or experience to do. Nonprofits provide those essential social goods that are neglected by the private sector and outside the scope of what the government will provide. More than this, those who dedicate themselves to nonprofit work are often uniquely suited to leverage their experience, talent, and passion to ensure that their nonprofits survive and even thrive. But they are in an uphill battle, and it is crucial they receive guidance and assistance.”

Fun Facts about Steven.

“I can multiply numbers very quickly in my head. My absolute favorite exercise is swimming. I’d prefer to be on a beach almost anywhere (including in Milwaukee for the two weeks out of the year that it’s possible). My favorite place in the world is Tbilisi, the capital of (The Republic of) Georgia. I’ve published fiction in a nationally distributed magazine (The Iowa Review) and write book reviews for The Harvard Review.

What led to Steven Choosing Loving Venti?

“Grassroots organizations are best equipped to identify and serve the needs of their immediate community. Rather than imposing solutions from the top-down, Loving Venti helps nonprofits build from the ground up, providing the expertise to help organizations improve processes, making growth viable, and allowing small nonprofits to thrive. The experience and guidance of the Loving Venti consultants and grant writers allows nonprofits to realize their mission by demystifying the labyrinthine world of starting and maintaining a nonprofit—and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

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